Astrology & clairvoyance: your specific tools

As a creator belonging to the Astrology & fortune-telling category, you will have access to features tailored to your needs.


1/ Profile with or without subscription

👉 When configuring your profile, choose whether you wish to have a paid subscription or free subscription creator account for your community.

This gives you greater flexibility in what you wish to monetize:

subscription to your account (which unlocks access to your full profile once paid by the user) as well as paid consultations
or only paid consultations (a mode that allows easier access to your profile).

=> This choice is not final: you can change your mind at any time in your settings (don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about the consequences for your account).


2/ Your availability in a calendar

👉 Synchronize your calendar with your MYM account.

We recommend that you first define availability time slots on your Google calendar (e.g. 9am to 10pm). By synchronizing your Google calendar with your MYM account, our platform will offer users all available slots in the time slots you have defined over the next 3 months.


3/ Your consultations

👉 Create and manage consultations that can be booked by your community.

You can create from 1 to 10 types of consultation, adding a title, description, duration and price (from €19.99 ex VAT to €1000 ex VAT). You can view your upcoming consultations in your tools.
You will of course be able to modify or even cancel a consultation (although we recommend that you always insure them for your own satisfaction).

Note that your future customers can use your discount vouchers to book a consultation (provided that you have made your discount voucher valid on consultations of course). Go here to create your coupon. Don't forget to share it with as many people as possible.


4/ Live

👉 Finally, once a consultation has been booked by a user, you'll secure your appointment via our live 1to1 feature.

We recommend that you get organized and don't be late (at least not more than 15 minutes late, after which your consultation will be automatically cancelled). Your consultation can last up to 2 hours. You can cancel a reserved consultation. However, we recommend that you insure them as much as possible, to ensure the loyalty of your users. A user


Like all other MYM creators, you will of course be able to :

* Sell additional content via messaging
* Contact your entire MYM community in just a few clicks, through the PUSH feature to encourage them to contact you.


Are you ready? Now it's your turn!


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