How does MYM protect me?

Content Protection

MYM makes the choice of protection. Concerned about the privacy of its content creators, we have implemented a strict protection protocol. Your Fans are prohibited from saving your media and sharing it outside the MYM network. We apply zero tolerance with users who do not comply with the terms and conditions of use.


MYM technologies used for the protection of your media:

  • Right-click is disabled on media from a computer
  • There is no URL matching between your blurred media and their un-blurred sources.
  • Drag and drop for saving media is disabled on computer
  • The video recording function is disabled on our streaming players.
  • Trackers are available for your feed and private media
  • Fans can and are encouraged to certify their account
  • On mobile phones, media is protected from being recorded by a prolonged click
  • ...

We work on a daily basis to develop new protection techniques.

👆 Despite all the provisions implemented, zero risk does not exist. For example, it is impossible unfortunately to prevent a screenshot on a mobile phone, or to prevent the user from taking a picture of his computer screen.


In the case of fraudulent use of content

If you detect that content posted on MYM belonging to you has been downloaded and exported to another website, you must report this content immediately. 

Our legal team will implement swift measures for the removal of content on the external platform, as well as the search for the fraudulent user:

  1. MYM studies your report and immediately proceeds to report the contents on the external platform in order to obtain a fast and total deletion.
  2. MYM verifies the recipient of the media and alerts the user within 48 hours.
  3. Formal notice from a judicial officer is established with the law firm MSM Huissiers & Associés.
  4. The malicious user is immediately blocked and banned from MYM services.
  5. MYM then takes legal action.


Article 226-1 of the Penal Code punishes deliberate attacks on privacy, by capturing, recording or transmitting private or confidential content, without the consent of the author. Article 226-22 deals with the unauthorized disclosure, of personal data that undermines the reputation of the person concerned or the privacy of his or her private life. This offense is punishable by one year's imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros under the Penal Code.


Protection of personal data

All personal data related to your account is completely confidential. It will NEVER be transmitted to third parties or displayed to your Fans (apart from your username and the information you wish to make public).

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