How can I send private medias to my fans?

Sending paid media

1️⃣ Private Media to a specific person

You will be notified by email as soon as a subscriber requests private media. He will have the choice to ask you for media from you, or to offer to send a media from him.

You will find all requests for photos or videos in the section: My messages. You will be able to respond to a request either by accepting and mentioning your price in the dedicated field; or by refusing.

If you accept, your subscriber will thus receive your proposal and may accept or decline it. If he accepts it, you will have to transmit the requested content as quickly as possible (72 hours maximum) through MYM messaging. Your MYM account will be automatically credited with the amount entered upon media delivery.

2️⃣ Push Media to a group of people

Push Media is the same content that you send via a group message to your subscribers, your interested members or your ex-subscribers. You set a price for this media, and each recipient must pay this price to instantly unlock the media!

Use the Group Messages feature through the plus-circle-solid.svg content addition icon at the bottom of your browser. Select your recipients (subscribers, ex-subscribers, interested members), add a message, a media and then a price. You will also be able to: program the sending of a Push media in advance and apply a promotional offer of your choice for a given time.

Push media is very profitable. We advise you to provide this to your Fans on a very regular basis.

An ex-subscriber or an interested member will have to subscribe to your profile BEFORE being able to unblock a paid Push.


Send free media

1️⃣ Media to a specific person

Via the Chat with your subscriber, click on Send a message, and simply add a media to send free to your subscriber. Note that the "Send message" button appears at the end of the conversation only when all fan requests have been answered.

2️⃣ Push Media to a group of people

Via the Group Messages feature, simply add media to send for free to your subscribers, interested members, or ex-subscribers.

We remind you that you can only post on MYM content for which you have distribution rights. Sending a media that you do not have the rights will be punished.

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