What is a pending/confirmed earning?

When a Fan validates a purchase on your profile, your earnings are added to your MYM balance. We distinguish two types of earnings concerning your balance:

  • "Pending" earnings
    These are recent earnings from your balance which, for safety reasons, cannot be withdrawn during a given period.
  • "Validated" earnings
    These are earnings that have successfully passed the validation period, which can be transferred to the payment method of your choice.
This control procedure allows MYM to remain a completely reliable and secure platform, preventing fraud and malicious accounts (for example, accounts spoofing photos or videos not belonging to them).


Subscription Earnings

Pending earnings related to subscriptions automatically switch to "validated" after 15 days on monthly subscriptions and 60 days on annual subscriptions.


Private/Push Media Earnings

"Pending earnings" automatically switch to "validated earnings" within 7 days.
Note: for private media, your balance is credited once the media has been delivered.


Earnings from Tips

"Pending earnings" automatically switch to "validated earnings" within 7 days.


In the case of a Fan transaction with a suspicion of fraud, these periods may exceptionally be extended.
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