How to share content on the MYM network pages

👉 A team of moderators selects the media to be shared from your public posts (unblurred photos) on your MYM feed

👉 Sharing on the Instagram/Facebook/Twitter pages of the MYM network is 100% automated

👉 When part of your content is selected to be shared, you receive an email alert the same morning 🥳

How is the selection carried out?

Only the content corresponding to the editorial lines of each partner can be shared and it must respect the following criteria:

  • HD quality
  • Full-length photo
  • Aesthetic content
  • Non-suggestive content
  • Face visible
  • No text or Emojis

Note: MYM does not apply any exclusivity on its platform and each Creator remains free to be active on "competing" platforms. However, MYM will not share on its network the content of Creators openly promoting  competing platforms. To be shared, MYM must be the most prominent fan platform.


I don't want to be shared

You can request that your content is not shared with our partners, in our profile Settings.

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