I can't post on my MYM profile

If you cannot publish on your MYM profile, check the frequent cases below:

  • Check that you are identified (and registered) as a Creator and not as a Fan. To post your content, you must be connected to the dedicated Creators platform: https://creators.mym.fans

  • To post a media on your feed, click on the add content icon plus-circle-solid.svg at the bottom of your browser. Do not confuse this with your Library which allows you to store content for later use, and which is visible only to you.

  • If you encounter a difficulty in selecting your content, check that the file does not contain any error in its naming. The file name must not contain periods (“.”) Outside of its extension (.jpg, .mp4, .mov, etc.).

All types of formats are accepted. There is no limit to the size or duration of the files.


If you are dealing with a completely different case, contact us.
👆 Tell us precisely what you observe, specify the environment from which you are trying to publish your content (computer, smartphone, type of smartphone, browser, connection) and also attach the content so that MYM can try reproduce the bug encountered.
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