Error encountered "You already have a subscription" via Epoch

When paying for a subscription via our Epoch payment terminal, you may encounter the error "You already have a subscription".

This probably comes from the fact that you had an old account on MYM, with the same email address, and that you had already paid a subscription for this Creator.


👉🏻 Solution: you can use our second Checkout payment terminal which has no limitations.

  1. Return to the Creator profile and click on "Subscribe"
  2. Choose again the subscription offer that interests you: Monthly or Annual
  3. Select a means of payment by Credit Card (payment via PayPal is not possible in this case because as handled only by Epoch)
  4. At the bottom of the page, check that the Checkout payment terminal has been assigned to you. Otherwise, click on the "Pay instead with Checkout" button
  5. Continue your payment and enjoy your subscription 😀
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