One of my Fans can't pay

⭐️  Our experience in managing online payments makes it much easier for your Fans to pay on MYM, and allows us to have much higher acceptance rates than other platforms.

We have two payment terminals to allow your Fans to pay securely on MYM:

  • Epoch: payments via Visa/Mastercard/PayPal
  • Checkout: payments via Visa/Mastercard

In rare cases, a Fan may have difficulty paying for an order or subscription. This may be associated with a bank account with insufficient funds, or a refusal by the bank.


What should I do if a Fan tells me that they can't pay?

1️⃣ Redirect your Fan to our Support Desk, on the article related to payment problems.

2️⃣ Ask them to contact us so that we can study their problem together.

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