MYM 2.0 goes live ⚠️ Status

Last update on 08/02/2021 at 15:00


Dear MYM user,

After almost 1 year of development, our teams have deployed the new MYM web and mobile version (2.0).
The release of 2.0 with the migration of millions of data took some time as you can imagine.
It began at 00:00 this Tuesday to be completed and not without difficulty around 13h.

The work is pharaonic and many errors appeared.
Some were predictable, others not.
We would like to sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Our teams are invested as never before.



Login Problems

The problems with logging in to the account and retrieving the password have been restored.
We apologize again for the long wait due to the new secure login protocol. If you are having trouble logging into MYM 2.0 for the first time, please request a password reminder ("lost password").


Subscription renewals

The renewals of your active subscriptions were made later than usual, on Wednesday evening, which may explain a temporary variation in your number of subscribers. Rest assured, your number of subscribers is perfectly up to date. Moreover, some of you may receive late renewals again in the next few hours.


Real-time corrections

Our teams are currently pushing updates in order to correct all the current dysfunctions (profile picture display, selection of standard answers, purchase of private media, etc.).

The chat

This new version of MYM allows you to activate the chat feature. By default, chat is disabled for your subscribers. Reserve this opportunity for your most loyal subscribers or if you need to chat with a fan. Simply go to a fan's profile and click on the 'More options' button (top right), and then activate chat with them.

The subscriber - always has the main button "Request PRIVATE MEDIA". It doesn't matter whether the chat is disabled or enabled for him. We recommend that you only activate the chat if necessary, so that your fans have to use the "Request Private Media" button to communicate with you.
This way you can offer your offer by responding to their request.

MYM Cloud

This new feature allows you to easily store all your media, in a secure environment and in a classified manner.
You can manage your MYM by logging in from any smartphone or computer.
Fix in progress: you may have noticed massive duplicates on your Cloud.
The current upload method is being changed because it duplicates your add for each upload. And during a push, it duplicates the addition within the Cloud.
You will soon be able to fully enjoy this new feature.
Your storage space is offered by MYM at no extra cost.

What's new

  • Stories (photos / videos)
  • Security watermarks can be activated on your media
  • Access to your subscribers' profiles
  • Possibility for your fans to certify themselves
  • Possibility for the creator to generate a push by targeting only certified profiles (wait until you have more and more certified fans to generate dedicated push offers)
    Tips: in order to push your subscribers to get certified, generate a push offer with your subscribers with a paid media and specify that this media is also accessible for free or cheaper through a push offer for certified subscribers.
    You can generate this second push offer in parallel.
  • Possibility to stop the subscription of a subscriber or to easily switch it to mute
  • Coming soon: MYM TV (live broadcasts)




For the SuperStars creators of July, they will automatically keep their status for the whole month of August, even if the conditions of obtaining are not respected.

Detail of the bug resolution status

-> SMS for countries outside France not received => RESOLVED
-> Server performance => RESOLVED
-> Email "Lost password" not received => RESOLVED
-> "Media to be delivered" tab missing from the email => RESOLVED
-> Be able to send a push to only 1 subscriber => ONGOING
-> Slowness in the chat (sending messages) => RESOLVED
-> Clicks on some "Chat" buttons not working => ONGOING
-> Unable to post media => RESOLVED
-> Programming a post => RESOLVED
-> Programming a push => RESOLVED
-> "Push history" tab not present on mobile => RESOLVED
-> Some fans have the chat activated by default => ONGOING
-> City displayed on Creator profile is not correct => RESOLVED
-> Unable to upload an invoice for pro creators => RESOLVED
-> Display bug of old private media bought / sold (media and price) => RESOLVED
-> Bug for some Fans to enter their postal address => RESOLVED
-> Upload of returned iPhone media => RÉSOLVED
-> Connection problem with Facebook Connect (which created a 2nd account) => RESOLVED
-> Account verification with an unreceived email => RESOLVED
-> Lack of Posts (media feed) on mobile compared to desktop => RESOLVED


In order to continue to follow the evolutions of the platform and the resolutions of the problems of use, we encourage you to visit this site and to subscribe to the various subjects:


This update will accompany you in the coming days with a multitude of benefits and will save you a lot of time on the platform while optimizing your revenues.

The transition between V1 and V2 requires some corrections and a new handling. But we remain at your entire disposal to accompany you personally on each feature.

A webinar will be organized in the next few days to detail all these features and answer all your questions.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding,

Gaspard, Pierre and all the MYM team

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