Your tutorial to get started

You have created your account and you are now certified?
Here is a tutorial to get your first subscribers and your first income on your Creator account:


1. Make sure your profile is 100% complete.
A completed profile is much more attractive. You have passed your onboarding but of course you can:
✅ improve your bio by mentioning the content
✅ edit your hashtags to better describe yourself
✅ add a cover photo to illustrate your profile
✅ or fill in your social networks

All of this happens in the "My Profile" > Edit My Profile section.


2. Post about 20 media so that fans discover your exclusive content.
Well-filled feeds perform twice as well on average. Use the add content icon plus-circle-solid.svg at the bottom of your browser.
Balance your feed between :
* 85 to 95% of blurred media > which will only be visible to your subscribers
* 5 to 15% of public media > which will be visible to all fans, which will help you gain visibility.

To learn more about the different types of media on MYM, 👉 here.


3. Share your MYM on your own social networks.
Putting your MYM profile in the bio of your other networks is good. Actively promoting it is better! Your community will follow you and you will gain more followers. Don't forget to add the direct link to your MYM profile to your external communications.

The little arrow on the top right of your profile page will help you share it.


4. Respond quickly to your private media requests.
Your fans will stay subscribed more if they know you respond quickly. You can of course decline requests that don't fit your world, but your responsiveness will be your strength. Moreover, your subscribers will accept your offer much more easily if you answer immediately.

Your messaging system corresponds to the "My Myms" section.


5. Start sending grouped messages via the Push feature.
Via the icon plus-circle-solid.svg, you will be able to address in a grouped way your first subscribers (to encourage them to stay subscribed) but also your followers who are not yet subscribers.
By pricing your push and adding exclusive media, you'll earn revenue with each unlock (NB: non-subscribed fans must first subscribe before unlocking a paid push).

If you need to know more about private media pushes, it's 👉 here.


Ready to go? It's your turn to play!

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