You now have the ability to create a unique experience for your fans and make LIVE on MYM.

1. Set up your Live via the plus-circle-solid.svg icon

Your LIVE is only accessible to your subscribers (that's why they will necessarily be invited) but you can of course choose to send invitations to your former subscribers and/or followers.

This means that a non-subscribing fan that you invite to your LIVE will have to subscribe first before he can buy his ticket to your LIVE, whether it's free (we limit 1 free LIVE per week) or paid (unlimited).

We recommend that you get organized and be on time. Your LIVE attenders will be waiting for you impatiently 🤩 so don't be late (and no more than 15 minutes late). Your LIVE will have to last a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours.

More features when setting up :
👉 Turn on or off the CHAT mode for your LIVE. We recommend turning it on for a more interactive experience.
👉 Start your LIVE immediately or schedule it for later if you want. ⚠️ The time set in your set up is CET (Central European Time) ⚠️
👉 Broadcast your LIVE using a camera on your phone/computer or broadcast through an external professional streaming software you would be used to (for this, MYM will provide you with 2 elements to integrate into your external software: the LIVE link and a streaming key).

You can cancel a scheduled LIVE in your LIVE history (in the Tools section).


2. During your Live

It's up to you to control how you engage with your fans.

You will be able to:
👉 View attenders' reactions & comments (if you have activated the CHAT mode).
👉 Mute or outright exclude certain attenders.
👉 Switch from your front camera to the back camera.
👉 Share your screen if you are on a computer.


3. After your Live

We will automatically save your recorded LIVE in your

Your LIVE history in the Tools section will allow you to:
✅ Retrieve your generated earnings.
✅ View your statistics.
✅ Browse a past LIVE.
✅ Manage your scheduled LIVE and in particular find its link in order to share it.

It's your turn!

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