Bonus media (push)

Bonus media, better known as push notifications, are content that creators can send to you without you having to request it beforehand, allowing you to discover their universe spontaneously.

You can receive push notifications from creators you're subscribed to, as well as from your past subscriptions or from creators you follow.

Push notifications can either be free content offered by creators or paid content that you can purchase if you wish.

It's worth noting that to purchase a push notification from a creator you're not subscribed to, you must first subscribe.

How to buy a push notification?

You can find push notifications from your favorite creators directly in the conversation you have with them, available in the "My Myms" section.

To buy a push notification, simply click on the "Let's Go" button.

🧐 Be sure to read the accompanying description carefully before unlocking it.

Keep in mind that if you choose "No thanks", you won't be able to purchase the media if you change your mind.

Where to find my purchases?

Once you've paid for your order, the content will be automatically unblurred. You can view them from your conversation or directly from the gallery available at the bottom of the conversation with your creator. You'll be able to view them without any time limit! 🤩

 If you no longer wish to receive push notifications from a particular creator, you can mute  them directly from the conversation using the three dots in the top right corner. If you change your mind, don't worry! This action is reversible at any time. 🙌




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