About my sponsor / ambassador

What is a sponsor?

Your sponsor or ambassador is the person who introduced you to the MYM platform through their personal affiliate link. You created your MYM account using this sponsor's link. Thus, a cookie links you both.


What does it change for me?

Absolutely nothing; because having a sponsor does not affect your income.


How can I change my sponsor/ambassador?

It is not possible to change sponsors or ambassadors.

Self-sponsorship is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the definitive closure of the accounts.


What are their obligations?

👉 Your sponsor or ambassador has no obligation to promote your MYM profile. It is a simple affiliation mechanism.

Mutual benevolence is required between a sponsor and his/her affiliate. Any insult, threat, malice will result in the cancellation of the membership.
We remind sponsors and ambassadors that they must have an exemplary behavior and that they must respect our terms of use to the letter.
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