Are you an agency? Let's get to know each other!

More and more of you are offering your services to help our creators manage their accounts and increase their income! The type of support you provide can vary, as can the structure of your agency. Let's get to know each other!


Why should we get to know each other?

Our PSPs (Payment Service Providers) require a certain number of guarantees in order to ensure all the transactions passing through the platform.

We want our creators to work with agencies that share our values. There are many advantages:

  • Our creators regularly ask us about the 'right' agencies for us
  • Being able to ask you for information in advance of our collaboration makes life easier for you: faster onboarding of your creators, simplified KYC, easier payment of earnings, etc.
  • Above all, it means your creators won't be caught out by our anti-fraud processes!


What documents do we need from you?

We'd like to get to know each other better and explore potential synergies.

We may also ask you for a few documents to make your MYM activity run more smoothly. We may ask you for the following documents:

  1. Your agency's business registration
  2. The creator's bank details
  3. The contract between you and the creator including:
    1. proof of the creator's consent
    2. a guarantee that the creator has reached the age of majority
  4. 1 selfie of the creator holding a piece of blank paper containing "I agree to my content being marketed via MYM" + the current date to ensure that the creator, who could in fact be registered by her agency, agrees to her content being sold via MYM.
  5. The T&Cs (concluded between the Creator and MYM) + the Policies (anti slavery et content policy) that we will provide to you, signed by the representative of your Agency.
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