Creator Badges ✅ ⭐️

Profile personalization badges allow you to identify at a glance the level of experience of a Creator on MYM.


Certified account icon check-circle-solid.svg

To ensure the quality and authenticity of our platform, all our creators must undergo a rigorous verification process. This guarantees the legitimacy of their account as well as the validity of their content.

Each creator is required to provide an official identification document as well as a selfie confirming their identity.

Once this certification process is completed, creators' accounts become visible to our entire community, and they receive a certification badge next to their username, recognizable by a small "check" icon.

We place great importance on offering you authentic and verified profiles.👌


The SuperStar icon star-solid.svg

The SuperStar status (small star next to the username) guarantees you an authentic (certified) and truly active profile. The Creator benefiting from this status update their profile each week and respond in less than 48 hours to your requests for private media.

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