Private Media not compliant with my request

This article is intended to help you with private media received but not in compliance. If you have not received paid private media within 72 hours, consult this procedure.

If you have received private content from a Creator that does not correspond in any way to the request you made, a refund request may be considered.

👉 Solution: before making a refund request, make a new request to the Creator to try to obtain media for free. Explain that you are not completely satisfied with the media and give them the detailed reason. In most cases, the Creator will send back some media content.

MYM remains vigilant as to the conformity of requests and can proceed to reimbursement in the following cases only:
- A video is requested, the Creator sends a photo
- The Creator sends content from another person or is not on the media


If despite these actions the private media received still does not comply, send your request to Customer Service for a compliance study. You can rest assured that each case is thoroughly analyzed.

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