How to be in the MYM HomePage feed

As a Creator, the HomePage MYM feed can allow you to be visible to users who do not subscribe to your profile, and to increase your income.

The MYM homepage feed is generated using a set of algorithms and tools to display Creator's media of interest to the user.

Also, we highlight certain content among the public photos posted by the Creator. 

Two different users will not see the same content in their feeds. Everyone sees a news feed specific to their preferences and subscriptions.


What media is displayed to a user?

The rules of our algorithm are multiple and optimized to highlight a maximum of Creators. Below is a list of elements visible by a user in his personalized feed:

  • The media of the Creator he subscribes to
  • The public media of the Creators he has in his favorites (also called interested users)
  • Media highlighted by our algorithm.


How can my content be highlighted in the feed?

Content must meet a list of criteria in order to be highlighted in the MYM News Feed. 

  1. Your publication must be public (unblurred)
  2. Your publication must respect the editorial policy of sharing:
    • HD quality
    • Full-length photo
    • Aesthetic content
    • Suggestive but non-explicit content
    • Face visible
    • No text or Emojis
    • Being active on MYM of course
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