Fostering loyalty among your subscribers

You have a certified MYM account and you want to make the most of the platform's features?
Here are some tips on how to keep your subscribers longer.
This is all about doing everything you can to strengthen the relationship you have with your current subscribers. Remember that keeping your subscribers is just as important as trying to get new ones.


1️⃣ Your Posts.

The frequency of your posts on your feed will play a crucial role in retaining your subscribers and attracting new followers. You have two types of posts: public and private.

👉 Public Posts : They serve as an open showcase to all our users, providing an ideal opportunity to attract new subscribers by presenting high-quality content without exceeding explicit limits. You can publish a maximum of 2 public posts per day.

👉 Private Posts : Reserved for your subscribed audience, these posts give you the freedom to share content regularly, thus enhancing engagement and an exclusive connection with your community. MYM displays your media directly on the home page of your subscribers, who appreciate the dynamism of your account. Feel free to post as regularly as possible, and you can use the scheduling tool to make the task easier.


2️⃣ Your Push offers.

Beyond the direct remuneration they bring you, your pushes will be taken as bonuses by your subscribers which will encourage them to stay longer. You can thank them for their subscription by sending them free pushes as a gift, or by sending them paid pushes, taking care to specify, for example, that the media in your push is reserved for subscribers only in order to value their loyalty.


3️⃣ Your mail-box.

A fan who knows you are reactive in the messaging system will stay subscribed longer. To save time in managing your messages, you can use 2 features in your Tools section:
✅ Set up standard replies that you can easily use during recurring situations.
✅ Set up automatic messages according to several scenarios in order to animate your discussions with your subscribers.

These 2 tools although effective, will never replace personalized and tailored responses to your subscribers. It is this close relationship that your fan is looking for, don't forget it ;)


4️⃣ Your prices.

Pricing proportionately will maximize your chances of success and help you avoid driving away your subscribers. To help you get your pricing right, when you respond to a private media request from your subscriber, you have at your disposal price suggestions (via the symbol Ampoule.png ) calculated according to their previous purchases.


Ready to go? It's your turn to play!

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