Increase your number of subscribers

You have a certified MYM account and you want to make the most of the platform's features?
Here are some tips to get subscribers.
The idea is to use all the tools at your disposal to promote your profile to fans who are not yet subscribers.

1️⃣ Your visibility.

Many of you are looking for visibility. Here is a list of actions to take to promote your profile:

👉 Share your MYM profile regularly on your own social networks, encouraging your community to discover your exclusive content (why not attach a discount voucher).
👉 Make 5 to 15% public posts on your MYM feed so that these media are displayed to your former subscribers and followers (explicit content is not allowed in public).
👉 If your post meets certain conditions (automatically reviewed) it might be shared by our algorithm to other fans who don't know you yet.
👉 Make MYM stories. Failing to be a remunerative format, Stories sent to your non-subscribers will help you be more visible.


2️⃣ Your Push offers.

They allow you to address once a week your former subscribers and followers. This is a unique opportunity to convert them into subscribers. It's up to you to be persuasive and to try several levers: free push, paid push, accompanied by a message or possibly a discount coupon...

Be aware that if you send a paid push to your former subscribers or to your followers: they will have to subscribe first before they can unlock the paid push.


3️⃣ Your discount vouchers.

You can create vouches in the Tools section. When used properly, they will allow you to use an additional argument to get subscribers (don't hesitate to create vouchers that are limited in time or number in order to play on the scarcity effect for example).
You can distribute them wherever you want but the important thing is to maximize their reach (via a public post or a push to your followers for example) while distributing them to the right community (your followers might be more attracted by a discount on your subscription while your subscribers might only be attracted by a discount on a media)
We encourage you to distribute them on your own social networks to encourage your community to discover your exclusive content. Read more about these discount vouchers here.


Ready to go? It's your turn to play!

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