About my affiliates

What is an affiliate?

👉 An Affiliate is a Creator that you sponsor on MYM. By sending him/her the unique affiliation link, this person will be linked to you by a cookie. By registering, he/she will become your affiliate.


How do I link my affiliate to my Ambassador account? 

You only have to send him your personal affiliate link to be retrieved from the Ambassadors site (for the Ambassadors). When registering, he / she will be automatically attached to your account 😎


What are my obligations to him/her?

👉 You are under no obligation to promote her MYM profile. It is a simple mechanism of affiliation.

Mutual benevolence is required between a ambassador and his/her affiliate. Any insult, threat, malice will result in the cancellation of the membership.
We remind sponsors and ambassadors that they must have an exemplary behavior and that they must respect our terms of use to the letter.
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