Unauthorized payment made on MYM

All transactions made on MYM will appear in the name of "AIR MEDIAS" on your bank statement or your PayPal account.

To obtain the details of a purchase on MYM, login, go to your account and then in My purchase history. 

You also receive a payment confirmation by email after each transaction on the platform.


If you believe that your credit card or PayPal account has been stolen and has been used on your MYM account without your consent, please send us : 
👉 a copy of the signed complaint

👉 a theft report

👉 a confirmation of the opposition to your credit card. A sworn statement will not be accepted.


Without these documents, it will be impossible for us to proceed with your refund.


⚠️ In the event of fraud or attempted fraud on the part of the user (stolen bank card or fraudulent opposition to a payment), MYM will transfer the file to its legal department and trigger a series of recovery measures.
The file will be brought to the attention of the Fan's banking establishment with all of the known elements (IP addresses, postal address, payment details used, email address, telephone number, all exchanges carried out by the Creators, etc.).
The file will also be transmitted to a judicial officer who will proceed with the formal notice of the interested party.

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