Payment difficulties on your order

We have several payment terminals to ensure secure payments on MYM, either by credit card, Paypal or cryptocurrencies.


Payment by Credit Card

On the error page of your payment, the reason for the refusal can be indicated to you and will give you an indication of the problem encountered.

👉🏻 Solution 1: you can make a new attempt to pay by credit card on another payment terminal. To do so, click on payment via Paypal. You will then be redirected to another payment terminal that will allow you to pay by credit card (although you have clicked on the Paypal button).
👉🏻 Solution 2: retry your payment with another credit card, or try a payment via PayPal.

Payment via PayPal

  • All my payments are refused
    Your PayPal account may not have the necessary funds or you may have exceeded the daily payment thresholds allowed.
    👉🏻 Solution: retry your payment via PayPal 24 hours later, or try via credit card.
  • I received a PayPal confirmation email
    Check the title of the email received from PayPal: it may be a payment authorization and not a payment confirmation. Even if payment is accepted by PayPal, our terminal can refuse a transaction.
    👉🏻 Solution: try a payment via credit card or wait 24 hours to try again to pay via Paypal.

Sometimes payment terminals refuse certain transactions for security reasons, for example after too many payment attempts. If you don't want to or cannot change your payment method, we recommend that you stop your attempts for 24 hours and try again. If this still doesn't help you: contact us.

All transactions made on MYM will appear in the name of "AIR MEDIAS" on your bank statement or PayPal account.

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