Discount vouchers

Creators have the option of editing discount vouchers for their fans.

Here are the different parameters of these coupons:

✅ Coupon name
✅ Use-by date (duration may be unlimited)
✅ Discount on monthly subscriptions or media
✅ Discount in % (from 1% to 100%) or in € (from 1€ to 500€)
✅ Maximum number of uses (optional)

As a fan, you should know that the coupons offered by designers :

👉 are single-use (regardless of the amount offered by the creator), you can only use them once, for a single purchase on MYM.

👉 for the same designer, coupon codes > 50% on subscription can only be used once every 6 months.

👉 are valid either for monthly subscriptions or for private media (depending on what the creator has set) but not both.

👉 are not valid for lives.

👉 finally, you'll still need to enter your payment details even if you get 100% off your purchase.

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