MOD "Media on Demand"

MOD stands for "Media on Demand." It is a new tab on your MYM profile page (located next to your posts) where the following will be centralized:

👉 Automatically, all your past paid pushes that you have already offered to your subscribers.
👉 According to your preference, all your future paid pushes, regardless of the recipients.

Your MYM profile page:

Is your Media on Demand tab empty? No need to worry; there are two reasons for this:

👉 You have not yet offered any paid pushes to your subscribers.
👉 You have unchecked the option to add your new paid pushes to MOD.

We strongly encourage you to regularly offer paid pushes to your subscribers,past subscribers, and interested parties and add them to MOD (via the default button on the push settings page) to build up your MOD catalog and boost your earnings.

Push settings page:

As a reminder, only paid pushs can be added to the MOD tab. For free pushes, the MOD option is disabled. 
The promotions advertised in your notifications are also available on your MOD.

All your fans can freely browse your MOD catalog (whether they are subscribers or not) and purchase the media they desire (non-subscriber fans will need to subscribe first, of course).

What benefits will this have for you?

  1. Clearly increase your earnings!
  2. Provide your subscribers with access to a comprehensive media catalog that they haven't had before.
  3. Give a second life to all your push content.

You will, of course, be able to:

Adjust the price of a MOD (please note that the price of the corresponding push, available in conversations with your fans, will remain unchanged).
Modify the description of a MOD (the description of the corresponding push, available in conversations with your fans, will not change). (However, the caption and price of your push on the tools page > push history will change).
Remove a MOD that you do not want to appear in your MOD catalog (the corresponding push, available in conversations with your fans, will still be accessible).
Automatically add a new paid push to this MOD catalog (on the push creation page - see screenshot below).

You will not be able to:

Add a free push to your MOD catalog (only paid pushes can be added).
Make a MOD free.

🚀 Are you ready? It's your turn to take action!

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