Pushes, unlike private media, are sent to a group of users you have chosen. This allows you to reach out to your suscribers, fomer suscribers, or those followers.

Sending a Push to your former suscribers or followers

Sending Pushes to your former suscribers encourages them to re-subscribe, while sending a Push to your followers aims to persuade them to subscribe.

You have two options:

👉 Send a free Push, offering media to showcase your content and encourage them to take the leap.

👉 Send a paid Push with a description of the content of your media, as well as details about your subscription.

Note that a former suscribers or an follower member must subscribe to your profile BEFORE being able to unlock a paid Push. Free Pushes are available to all users who receive the Push, whether they are subscribers or not. If you reuse private media from your feed in a Push, it will be unblurred on the feed for users who received the free Push, whether they are subscribers or not.
💡  You can only send one Push every 7 days to your former suscribers or followers.

Sending a Push to your suscribers

Sending Pushes to your suscribers allows you to sell content in bulk. This content must be exclusive, not appearing on your feed, and in line with your description.

When sending free Pushes, it is recommended to offer content different from your paid Pushes. Free Pushes remain visible even after the subscription has expired.
💡 Pushes for your followers are unlimited.


✅ Access your account and click on 

✅ Navigate to the "PUSH/MOD" tab.

✅ Choose your target audience.

✅ Add your media (up to 5 media per Push).

✅ Provide a detailed description for your Push (maximum 500 characters).

✅ Set a price or choose the free option.

✅ Schedule your Push to plan ahead for your deliveries.

✅ Optionally include a limited-time or user-restricted promotional offer.

✅ If your Push is paid, you can include it in your MOD.

Given that the media is blurred, take the time to craft a detailed and clear description. This will assist users in visualizing the content and making an informed decision when making a purchase.

⚠️ Please thoroughly review your Push before sending, as once dispatched, it becomes irreversible and cannot be modified or deleted.
Don't forget to shedule your pushes in advance, whether paid or free, for your subscribers, forme susbscribers, or followers to save time. 
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