Fraudulent payments

MYM has surrounded itself with the best payment terminals to receive transactions from your Fans while protecting you against fraudulent payments.

We have also developed numerous anti-fraud processes and are working to improve them on a daily basis.

Despite all of these precautions, rare payments from your Fans can be reported as Fraudulent. This can happen in the following cases:

  • The bank card used was stolen
  • The user has indicated that they are not the originator of the payment

What does MYM do in the event of a fraudulent payment?

In the event of fraud or attempted fraud on the part of the user (stolen bank card or fraudulent opposition to a payment), MYM will transfer the file to its legal department and trigger a series of recovery measures.
The file will be brought to the attention of the user's banking establishment with all of the known elements (IP addresses, postal address, payment details used, email address, telephone number, all exchanges carried out by Creators, etc.).
The file will also be transmitted to a judicial officer who will proceed with the formal notice of the interested party.

Note that a user who has made a fraudulent payment will have his account automatically blocked. He therefore no longer has access to any creator account or to the private media he paid for. He will only be able to recover his account in case of reimbursement of the amount due.


Am I paid for a fraudulent payment?

💪 MYM is one of the few platforms to offer fraudulent payment insurance. You are covered against fraud for 1% of your transactions. Below this threshold, all commissions are paid to you.

For example, if your profile has allowed you to generate 10,000 euros in transactions since its creation, your commissions will not be withdrawn up to 100 euros in fraudulent transactions.

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