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Digital technology is the big winner of this pandemic. The health crisis has unprecedentedly accelerated its usage and immersed all generations in the digital era. However, despite technological advancements and various innovations, the same barriers persist: lack of control, moderation, protection of personal data, and respect for individual freedoms.

1️⃣ MYM supports all users

● Supervising the distribution and access to content adapted to each type of user.
DO NOT SHARE SENSITIVE CONTENT ON MYM on other networks that do not control access to minors for this type of content.

Anonymity, encouraged and defended by the main market players, often promotes impunity and contributes to the complexity of digital regulation. Aware of its responsibilities and role, MYM has committed since its inception to act as a responsible player and has now become a pioneer in the market with the implemented innovations.

After months of work and development, MYM has found the ideal solution by using advanced artificial intelligence tools to address all known situations at this stage. Since the company's creation, the founders have been proactive in implementing innovative solutions and leveraging the latest industry inventions.


2️⃣ MYM ensures user safety


Benefiting from a business model based on the added value of each user, the platform has been able to take the lead in de-anonymizing its users. On MYM, 100% of visible creators are certified by the platform, and fans are increasingly encouraged to go through the certification process. MYM is the only digital platform to implement such an advanced account certification system.
👉 How does the certification process work? Verification of identity document, age, bank details, postal address, phone number, and facial recognition to ensure that it is the right person.
This certification system has been in place since the launch of MYM in 2019 and was strengthened in 2022 by the addition of a recognized facial recognition service by AI: YOTI. The solution analyzes the creators' faces from the platform registration request to determine their age.
The company does not store any data, making it a technology that meets the CNIL's expectations regarding the use of biometric data.
👉 Why? This process allows the platform to guarantee the identity of each user and to act on their behalf on the platform, whether they are a creator or a fan.
If the profile does not meet the platform's requirements, it will never be able to generate revenue.


From a legal point of view - as a platform - MYM assumes the status of a host and does not have a proper obligation to systematically monitor. This status implies that it acts promptly as soon as content is identified as "illegal" by a third party.
However, without questioning this status, MYM has implemented a procedure to provide maximum guarantees to different users.

This procedure takes place in 2 steps:
👉 Step 1: before publication: content verification via Hive, an AI that analyzes all content published by the creator. If the content complies with current standards, it can be published and sent to users. However, if the AI detects content that is manifestly illegal, the publication of the latter is made impossible.
👉 Step 2: after publication: if a user, of any kind, notifies MYM that content could be "illegal," then the team of human moderators reacts promptly and implements the procedure to make the illegal content inaccessible to internet users if necessary.


MYM is the only platform to have implemented such an extensive system to combat these abuses. To ensure everyone's safety, MYM classifies 100% of the content and has implemented 2 steps of information and verification before accessing the content:
👉 Step 1: Warning about the nature of the content, with mandatory click to access the content.
👉 Step 2 (for adult content): age verification via YOTI, a leading facial recognition tool. A minor user will not be able to access the content in principle.

💪 REGULATING INTERACTIONS (blocking, limiting, moderation)

Many users use social networks to make hateful, illegal, insulting comments... To prevent these practices on its platform, MYM has implemented several unprecedented actions
✅ Removal of all content that is manifestly illegal thanks to the HIVE AI including illegal, hateful, violent, insulting remarks but also postal addresses, phone numbers, and bank details.
✅ No comments on the content.
✅ Definition of strict rules on authorized content in the terms of use.
✅ Possibility for creators and fans to report and block a user.
✅ Exceptional feature to protect all users: the implementation of a marker when a photo content is published by the creator or sent to a Fan.

Finally, MYM is the only social network to offer customer service to its fans and creators accessible 24/7. The customer service responds to inquiries in less than 20 minutes and handles 100% of requests.

As a member of French Tech Lyon-Saint-Étienne, France Digitale, Digital League, and Minalogic, MYM is committed to further development, internationalization, and popularizing the content creation economy, while working towards a safe and responsible digital environment, particularly in terms of cybersecurity.

MYM now presents state-of-the-art security measures, a novelty in the platform economy ecosystem.

The startup combines this with an associative commitment (Point de Contact, Pharos) and an independent ethics committee, which supports it in its strategic orientation, particularly on cybersecurity issues and an inclusive and safe digital environment.
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