Securing your account

We want to make you aware of the good habits to adopt to maximize the security of your MYM creator account.


You have control over an additional level of security for your account: two-factor authentication in the Login & Security section of your account.
We encourage you to enable this option. You will need a code received by text message to log in, in addition to your usual password. This will greatly enhance the security of your account.

Do not hesitate to contact the customer service (at the bottom of the article) if the double authentication by sms is activated and if you have changed your phone number.



It is not impossible as a creator that you will be contacted by a member of our Customer Success team but stay tuned: 

👉 We will never ask you to log in on an external link
👉 We will never ask you to enter personal data on a form
👉 We will never ask you for your credit card information
👉 We will never ask you for your MYM password

Therefore, NEVER answer your interlocutor if he asks you for this kind of action or information.

✅ Our official emails are in this form only:
✅ If in doubt, feel free to contact us either via customer service (at the bottom of this post) or on our official Instagram pages: mym_for_creators/ or mym_for_fans/


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