Opening a Creator account is fast, free and intuitive!
In a few minutes you can get a certified profile and start offering exclusive content to your fans.

It's this way 👉 Open my creator account.

Here's what you'll need to go through each step of creating your account:

1️⃣ Registration 🙇
This is the step that is meant to create your account and its login details.

You will need to provide:
- Your login email
- Your password

And validate our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.


2️⃣ Onboarding 🚀
Once your registration is complete and validated, you will follow a smooth and intuitive onboarding to complete your creator profile.

You will need to complete:
- Your first name, last name
- Your date of birth
- Your creator category
- Your nickname
- Your profile picture
- Your bio (quick description of your profile)
- Your city (the one you want to appear on your profile)
- Your social networks
- Your 3 hashtags (which will help your fans find you)
- Your subscription price

👉 You can edit your information as you see fit later on your profile page.


3️⃣ Certification 🪪
This step is crucial: it will allow you to have a reliable profile in the eyes of your fans, to be visible on the platform and to be able to withdraw your earnings.

You will need to provide:
- Your complete personal information
- Your bank account (in your own name)
- Your valid proof of identity (Only ID cards and passports are allowed)
- Your security selfie holding your ID card in hand
- Your phone number to confirm it
- Your first 5 media to post on your feed
To know more about the conditions of certification and the most frequent cases of refusal, it's 👉 here

You can also get a professional MYM account.
You will then need :
- Your company registration certificate
- Your intra-community VAT number if you are subject to it
Learn more about professional accounts, it's 👉 here

👉 Your personal information is strictly confidential and secure. No user of the platform has access to it.

Ready? It's up to you!


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