Convert my account to a Professional account

There are two types of accounts for content creators on MYM:

  • Personal accounts.
  • Professional accounts, dedicated to Creators who have a company or sole proprietorship, and who will have to issue invoices to receive their commissions.


Switch from a Personal to Professional account

When creating your account on MYM, the Personal status is determined by default. You can easily switch to a Professional account.

👉 Log in to your account and go to "Settings" (icon cog-solid.svg) then "Personal information". Choose in Account type: "Professional account". Save changes.

You will then need to provide us with:

  1. Your company name
  2. Your registration number (official unique number)
  3. Your company's region of registration
  4. Your intra-community VAT number (for European companies)
Note that if your account is already certified, a new certification is required when switching to Professional status.


Generate and send an invoice

👉 With a Professional account, for each payment generated by MYM (according to the frequency of your choice), you must send us an invoice to the letterhead of your company, corresponding to this repayment.

To do this, each time we detail all the necessary elements to appear on your invoice (amounts, descriptions, recipient, etc.). This information is accessible when a MYM payment is generated, on the Settingsmoney-bill-alt-regular.svg Received payments page.

Your invoice can be downloaded directly from this same section.

The amounts visible on your MYM space are without taxes. For companies subject to VAT in France, 20% VAT must be added to the amount of your commission on your invoice.

The payment of your commission cannot be made before receipt and validation of this invoice.


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