MYM fees

The special feature of MYM is the complete transparency that we have decided to apply in our communication about Fees. Fees are calculated using 3 indicators: VAT, bank charges, fee rates.


First part: Bank charges

To receive payments from your subscribers, MYM has equipped itself with the best payment terminals on the market. We have chosen to select very efficient and effective payment partners but whose fees can be higher.

💪 Transaction acceptance rates are much higher however, which means that your subscribers will not have a payment problem and your sales will increase.

Bank charges represent 7% of the amount of a transaction (taxes included).

Note: we work daily with our payment terminals to improve payments and reduce bank charges.


Second part: Fees

After deduction of bank charges, we apply a payout percentage (on the price of the purchase excluding taxes). So, as a MYM Creator, your earnings are:

75% on subscriptions
80% on private media
80% on live
80% on tips

The balance represents the processing fees for hosting and all costs related to the operation of the MYM site.

For SuperStar Creators, the percentage is +1% higher on private media and subscriptions (not applicable to Tips, meaning the payout percentage remains fixed at 80%). 


About VAT

VAT (value added tax) is a tax which is added to the price of all the products you purchase in your daily life. This is also the case on MYM.

For subscribers residing in a country of the European Union, VAT is added to the price of a subscription, private media or tip and is paid by the subscriber. This sum is entirely paid to the State.

The amount of the fees is Net/Excluding taxes. If you are a Creator in France, using a Professional Account and subject to VAT, the VAT must be added when you send us your invoice.
The difference in price between what you offer and what the Fan receives is the VAT that we collect and pay to the State. As the VAT amounts are different from one country to another, your repayment could vary slightly depending on the geographical location of the Fan who made the purchase.

Example of repayment calculation

Let's take the example of a sale of private media that you set at 100 euros:

  • The subscriber is in France
    Price paid by the subscriber: 100 euros + 20% VAT = 120 euros
    Bank charges: 120 euros x 7% = 8.40 euros
    Your repayment calculation: (100 euros - 8.40) x 80% = 73.28 euros

  • The subscriber is in the United States
    Price paid by the subscriber (no VAT) : 100 euros
    Bank charges: 100 euros x 7% = 7 euros
    Your repayment calculation: (100 euros - 7) x 80% = 74.40 euros
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