I didn't received my payment

Bank transfer not received

As soon as your validated winnings exceed the threshold of 50€ and that intervenes the day of your payment (according to the frequency of payment parameterized in your coordinates of payment), the MYM team intervenes under a few hours to transfer the funds on your account.
  • European bank account
    After your payment has been processed by the MYM financial service, the funds are visible on your account within 24 hours in the vast majority of cases. Exceptionally, inter-bank deadlines may be longer due to holidays or weekends.
  • Bank account elsewhere in the World
    The time limit for your first payment can be extended by a few days. Our financial team is located in France: the issuing bank and your own bank must carry out a series of checks in order to finalize the transfer order.

Please note that it is important to check the following 3 points if you do not receive your payment on time:

1. Are the payment details entered in your account correct?
2. Are you the owner of the bank account you have filled in?
3. Is the frequency of your payments correctly set (in the "payment details" section of your settings)?

If these 3 points have been verified but the funds are not available on your account, please contact customer service. Don't worry, a rejected transfer will automatically be credited back to your MYM jackpot.


If you see an error in your payment details, see this article.
If the funds are not in your account after a week, contact our customer service.


PayPal payment not received

After generation of your payment, it is processed by our financial service within 24 hours. Your earnings will then be immediately available on your PayPal account.

For some accounts, the transaction is not automatically validated by PayPal. Follow these steps to validate it:

  1. Log into your PayPal account
  2. Go to "Activity"
  3. Click on the payment pending
  4. Find and click on the transaction confirmation link: "Confirm"
  5. If the funds still do not appear on your PayPal account, contact us so that we can validate the transaction on our side (this is in fact a double check by PayPal)
If you see an error in your payment details, see this article.
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