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Users' civil and fiscal rights and obligations

As an online platform, MYM wishes to provide optimal support to all Users in their use of the Platform.

As such, MYM wishes to inform all Creators who generate income on MYM of their civil and fiscal obligations related to the generation of income through us.

Tax and social regulations change from country to country. This is why the information provided below only concerns France.

In this case, all the useful information on the subject is grouped together in educational sheets reminding the rules applicable to the declaration of income and the payment of social security contributions.

This information can be consulted at the following addresses:

The following information sheets for Creators and Ambassadors are also available in French at the following addresses

Regarding the payment of VAT, Creators and Ambassadors are invited to consult the information provided by the French administration:

In terms of social protection, this income must be eligible for health insurance or retirement. The same applies to tax matters: the income generated must be subject to tax.

We remind you that the above explanations are given for information purposes only and do not replace the reading of legislative texts, administrative comments and French jurisprudence. We also insist on the fact that the rules stated above are likely to evolve (in particular the different thresholds which are re-evaluated each year) and that each User of the Platform is solely responsible for his legal obligations and in particular tax and social obligations.

In addition, the tax authorities and social security funds are able to complete this information and answer any questions.

MYM therefore recommends that all Users contact their tax office, their social security fund or a specialized advisor in case of doubt.

👌 To help you, on the 15th of each month, we send a summary monthly balance sheet listing all the payments received on the platform the previous month.
For example, on June 15 you will receive a breakdown of the payments for the month of May to be declared.

In the same way, on January 15 you will receive an annual financial statement for all your income from the previous year.

You can find the history of your financial reports in the section Payments received of your Account settings > "Financial statements" tab (link accessible after the generation of the first report).
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