My automatic replies

Do your subscribers tend to ask the same questions or make similar requests? đŸ« 
That's where automatic replies come into play to make your life easier with pre-configured messages tailored to specific queries.
For instance, if you are frequently asked about the types of private media you sell, their pricing, or just a simple greeting, automatic replies have got you covered. You can set up your responses in advance, using them in just two clicks during your interactions with subscribers. This will help you save time while maintaining a smooth flow in your conversations and personalizing each interaction.

How to set up your canned responses:

1. Go to the "Tools" tab.
2. Click on "Automatic replies".

3. Create your responses, making sure to give them titles that will help you identify them quickly.
It is crucial to maintain a personalized tone in your responses so that your subscribers feel unique and confident in their interactions with you. This personal touch strengthens the connection with your audience.

How to use your canned responses:

You can access your canned responses anytime from your chat. Simply click on the small white arrow next to the writing space, choose the appropriate response, and send it. You also have the option to modify it before sending if you wish.

Don't forget that you can adjust and delete your canned responses at any time to create new ones tailored to the evolving nature of your interactions.
Save time and focus on creating your content while maintaining a personalized experience for your subscribers! 🚀






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