My MYM inbox

You will find in the "My Myms" section, the list of conversations with your fans.

In each conversation, you have 2 tabs visible at the bottom of the page:

👉 The first tab is called "Discussion" and allows you to follow the history of messages with the fan.
This is where you will receive private media requests from your subscribers. We encourage you to respond to all your private media requests for several reasons:

✅ Keep your subscribers longer.
Your fans will stay subscribed over a longer period of time if they know you are responsive in messaging.

✅ Maximize your private media sales.
Your subscribers will accept your offers much more easily if you respond to them immediately.

✅ Become a Superstar.
One of the criteria for becoming one is to respond to your requests and deliver your private media within 48 hours.

✅ Give your subscriber a voice again.
A private media request from your subscriber must first be handled on your end for your subscriber to write again (unless you have enabled CHAT mode on your end).
If you receive MAIN.png from your subscriber: you have one unprocessed private media request on your side.

Note that you are free to activate the CHAT mode. Either for all your subscribers at once (via account preferences); or on a case by case basis in the conversation with the subscriber in question.
If the CHAT mode is activated, the subscriber will be able to talk freely, whenever he wants and as many times as he wants like any other instant messenger.

👉 The second tab is called "Private Gallery": it gathers all the media unlocked by this fan.

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