I would like to become a SuperStar ⭐

SuperStar status rewards the authenticity and activity of your MYM profile. It generates trust for your Fans.


What are the benefits of the status?

+1% commission on your subscriptions and private media compared to the classic status

✅ A SuperStar badge Star.png associated with your username everywhere on the platform

✅ Your special status is highlighted on your subscription page (more subscriptions)

The possibility of being found more easily in the search

✅ The ability to receive transfers from your MYM balance to a PayPal account


How do I get it?

The "SuperStar" status can only be assigned if you meet the following criteria during the previous month:

👉 Connect regularly on the platform
👉 Not having had a warning
👉 Have a certified account
👉 Have a minimum of 50 active subscribers throughout the month
👉 Post at least 2 times in your feed each week (use the scheduling tool)
👉 Respond to requests and deliver your private media within 48 hours on average


What is the duration of the status?

The allocation/withdrawal of SuperStar status is takes place on the 1st of each month, according to the statistics obtained the previous month.

If you obtain this status, you acquire it for a period of 1 month.

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