My automatic messages

Automatic messages are here to make your subscribers' experience even more special! 

Our feature allows you to save time while maintaining a precious connection with your subscribers. Always keep a friendly and engaging tone in your automated messages. Your subscribers will be delighted to receive these little gestures in their MYM inbox!

Explore different scenarios:

1. New subscriber

   Warmly welcome your new subscriber with a personalized message, and don't forget to add a small photo to introduce them to your captivating world.

 2. Subscriber renews subscription

   Express your gratitude to the subscriber who renews their subscription. A comforting photo could add a special touch to your message. 

3. Subscriber re-subscribes 

 When a former subscriber comes back, share what they've missed since their departure. Reignite their interest! 

4. Subscriber unsubscribes

   Express your sadness to the subscriber who deactivated their renewal. A persuasive message accompanied by a unique photo could change their mind. 

5. Subscription is ending

   Alert your subscriber about the upcoming end of their subscription and encourage them to renew it promptly.
Add a distinctive touch to your messages by including a new photo with each delivery. This will add a special and unique touch to each interaction!

To set up your messages, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the "Tools" tab on your dashboard.
2. Click on the "Automatic Messages" option.

3. Select the scenario that suits your needs, and there you go, you're ready to share your personalized messages!

It's your turn! 🌟
It's as simple as that! Unleash your creativity and customize your messages for a unique experience.
It's important to note that photos available on iCloud.mym cannot be directly uploaded to your automated messages.
Take a moment to ensure that your photos are in your personal library on your computer or phone before you begin composing your messages.
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