My Bookmarks

Have you spotted a photo or video on your favorite creator's feed that you'd like to save? 🙌

No worries! Thanks to this button , located at the bottom right of the image or video you want to keep, you can do so effortlessly. And guess what? You have the option to save both public and private content if you're subscribed to the creator in question.

It's important to note that only media accessible from the feed can be saved.
Please note that at the end of your subscription, privately posted media will be automatically blurred to protect the content's confidentiality.

To easily find all the content you've saved, simply head to your "My Bookmarks" tab. Inside this tab, you'll find two distinct sections:

1. A tab containing all your saved content along with your MOD.

2. Another tab specifically dedicated to the MOD you've purchased.

💡Quick tip: Be sure not to delete your MOD from your bookmarks, as you risk losing them forever. So keep them safe to revisit them anytime!
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