Discover all about Tips: A Nice Way to Support Your Favorite Creators!

Do you love the content posted by your favorite creator or have you been particularly impressed by a specific media? Did you know that you have the option to send a tip (a sort of gratuity) to your favorite creator to show your gratitude? 🤩

What is a tip?

A tip is a gesture of appreciation that you can offer to your favorite creator. Unlike a purchase, it is not tied to a specific product or service. It's a friendly way to show your appreciation for the work of your creator.

How to send a tip?

Tips can be sent directly from the creator's account feed by clicking on the "Send a tip" button.

You can also offer tips on any media you have purchased by clicking on the three small buttons in the top right corner and selecting "Leave a tip".


💡 Tips to Know About:

👉 Tips are at your discretion. You decide the amount you want to give.
👉 Unlike a purchase, tips are not subject to refunds. It's a spontaneous and voluntary gesture.
👉 You can only send tips to creators to whom you are subscribed.

Tips are a great way to support the creators you appreciate and encourage them in their work. So don't hesitate to show your appreciation by sending them a tip! 

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