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How does my messaging work?

In the 'My Myms' section, you'll find a list of conversations with your creators.

Within each conversation, there are 2 visible tabs at the bottom of the page:

👉 The first tab is called 'Discussion' and allows you to track the message history with the creator. This is where private media requests are made. A private media request must be fully processed before you can make a new request to the same creator again, using the designated button.

If you only see the button HEY_YOU.png available, it means you already have a private media request pending with the creator, which they have not yet processed (they need to accept or reject your request); in this case, a gentle reminder "Hey You" can be useful to encourage them to respond.

Also note that you may not be allowed to chat freely unless the creator has activated the CHAT mode on their side. The creator has total freedom in this regard.
- If the CHAT mode has been activated by the creator, you'll see a text field available at all times.
- If the CHAT mode has not been activated by the creator, you can still communicate with them through a private media request.

👉 The second tab is called 'Private Gallery': it includes all the unlocked media in the discussion with this creator.

Be careful not to confuse this tab with your 'Bookmarks' tab, where saved media or purchased MODs are grouped.

The creator is unresponsive

As you've understood, MYM offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lives of the people who inspire you. The chance to chat with them privately makes your experience with us even more exciting.

Sometimes, the creator may not respond as quickly as you'd like.

Three things to remember in this case:

1️⃣ Unfortunately, MYM cannot guarantee the response time of creators. Please be patient 😉

2️⃣ Some creators respond less frequently to private media requests because they are highly sought after.

3️⃣ In such cases, you can always follow up with the creator by sending a HEY_YOU.png. Your conversation will be brought to the top of their messages, increasing your chances of a response!

Keep in mind that the Superstar badge on some creators ensures a truly active member. Creators with this status update their profiles weekly and respond to your private media requests within 48 hours. 

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